Welcome to your high-tech home at Exo

Welcome to your home at Exo Apartment outfitted with View Dynamic Glass, the world’s most intelligent windows. View Dynamic Glass is the future, now. It’s smart glass that tints and clears automatically as the sun moves across the sky, making sure your home is always comfortable. Instead of manually closing shades to block unwanted heat and glare, you can sit back and relax as the windows change tint intelligently to provide you with the optimal level of comfort while preserving your view 100% of the time.

Your windows are already activated, so there is nothing you need to do. They change tint gradually from one state to another as determined by our intelligent software algorithm, with the tint extending across the window from the longer edge to the center. This gradual transition helps your eyes adjust to the light levels naturally.

If you would like to control your windows, the View mobile device app and website allow you to manually override the automatic controls and set the glass at any of View’s four tint levels.

Logging in

You should have received an email from to set up your account. If not, please contact your community manager. The first time you log in there is an interactive tutorial that will get you started.

Controlling your Windows

There are four tint states. Each one allows for different amounts of sunlight and heat to enter your room.

  • Tint One is clear and lets in the most sunlight and warmth.
  • Tint Two will manage some solar heat, while still remaining very clear.
  • Tint Three diverts glare and heat while still allowing for daylight into the room.
  • Tint Four controls glare during the day to protect your eyes while allowing you to keep your views.

View Intelligence chooses the right tint based on sun position, weather and many other factors. You will notice that when the sun enters your space, the glass automatically adjusts to reduce glare and heat gain.

You can override our automatic mode at any time to customize your tint levels, for example if you want to watch a movie during the day. Simply use the mobile app to tint the windows on the fly or schedule it ahead of time. You can set the duration an override for as long as 14 hours.

App Overview

  • The Control screen is where you can override any zone.
  • On the Zone screen you can change which room you are looking at.
  • Live View™ allows you to monitor your daily dynamic glass operation.
  • From the Schedule screen you can view, create and modify schedules.
  • Finally with the Scenes screen, you can create and activate scenes, which are preset configurations.
  • On Profile and Settings you can send feedback to View, take the guided app tour again or toggle your data usage settings.


Zones are groups of windows that function together. Each room is zoned independently.

  • BRD is for bedroom, and bedrooms are numbered from left to right if you are standing in the front door. LIV indicates the living room.
  • For corner units, with LIV 1 is left wall and LIV 2 is the right wall.


Let’s say you want to program the windows to stay dark when you’re sleeping. Simply go to the Schedule tab and follow the steps.


With the Scenes feature, you can also control multiple zones with just one touch. Scenes allows you to create a preset with pre-defined tint levels and apply that to any combination of zones. For instance, you could add a “sleep” scene that sets both bedrooms’ glass to tint 4 while letting the living room run on intelligence.

See how it works

You can also open the LiveView feature If you want advanced knowledge of how our software program is making tinting decisions, you can slide the time of day on the graph to see how tinting decisions change in real time.

Profile and Settings

On the profile tab you can send feedback to View, take the guided app tour again or toggle your data usage settings. The settings tab will allow you to view legal, version and source libraries for the mobile app.

Learn More

To learn more, please watch the in-app how-to-tutorials or reach out to your community manager with any questions.

What makes our windows Intelligent? In short, state-of-the-art glasses and a sophisticated software system. Click here to learn more about how the technology works.